Dec 25, 2008

The Christmas Festivities Continue...

After opening presents at home we got Isabelle in her Christmas dress and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's. My dad prepared prime rib, which he was very proud of and he had every reason to be... it was SO tasty! Our good friend Julie and her two kids, Matt & Kayla, joined our family. After eating our delicious dinner and far too many snacks and yummy cookies made by Erin we opened gifts. Isabelle was pooped by this time. She was running on about 30 minutes total of napping all day. So we ended up opening most of her gifts for her. My parents spoiled all of us, as usual and spoiled the grandkids even more... which is what it's all about. =) Then it was time for dessert -- cherry pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate cream pie -- Mmmm, so good!

Okay, are you ready for this? There's a lot of pictures... okay a TON of pictures, but they were all way too cute not to share. =)

I'm just TOO cute! Big smiles for Grandpa and Uncle Ty!

13 lbs. of prime rib right out of the oven.

Playing with cousin Dill & Uncle TimGrandma & Grandpa A quick smooch!Picture time!"Sorry, Dill I need a little support here so I don't fall over." Sitting up like a big girl all by herself!
Isabelle loves her Auntie Erin!Present time!

What a fun new toy! Dillon was so nice teaching Izzy how it worked. =)"Hmm, lets see here... Ooo, I like it!"

Sound asleep with her new dolly -- this is how she spent most of the time opening gifts. =)She woke up for a quick photo-op (Mama's looking very tired too!) Mama's baby girl!
Lovin on Uncle TimShe loves Auntie Jules too!The Young Santa Clause paid a visit (okay it was only Uncle Ty) See my new slippers.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Weeds!

Christmas Morning 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Unfortunately we were not able to make our trip over to see Paul's family due to the snow. We were sad we couldn't make it, but once the roads clear up we'll make the trip over and have a late Christmas with them. Our Christmas was very relaxing and cozy this year. We had more than a white Christmas this year... we woke up to almost another foot of fresh snow! It was perfect! We were so happy to wake up Christmas morning at our house with Isabelle. Of course she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:00am! So we got up and made cinnamon rolls while we let Daddy sleep until 7:30.

Good morning Daddy! Wake up sleepy eyes!

Isabelle seemed to enjoy opening her gifts... she especially liked trying to eat the wrapping paper!

Our cute little reindeer opening more gifts from Santa. He brought her lots of new warm winter outfits!

So, Paul was extra excited about the gifts he got me this year. I had NO clue what he had bought me. A few days earlier he had "slipped" and told me he got me a frying pan... I actually asked for one, but didn't think he would be all excited about giving me a frying pan for Christmas. So yes, I was a little bummed about that one and maybe wined a little too. ;) So the first gift he had me open was the "frying pan" ("Since I already knew what it was", he said.)

That's not a frying pan! It's a digital frame! =) He also got me a Coach purse. WOW! I couldn't believe it! I didn't even ask for one, but deep down have always wanted one. I was SO surprised! I must have been a really good girl this year! Paul was a good boy this year too. He got a shotgun and a spotting scope along with a few other small things.

Dec 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

-Some pictures from Christmas Eve 2008-

=) our little reindeer.
kisses from daddy.

Uncle Trev and Aunt Becca made it down and headed back to Spokane to spend Christmas morning with Becca's family. Another blizzard started this evening so the drive home was long and scary for them, but they made it home safely.

dillon got his first fishing pole from isabelle. =)
dillon gave izzy some great new books!
grandpa got a new ladder that dillon had to climb.

izzy wanted up there too. dillon wanted a turn in belle's swing.
ready for bed and santa!

Dec 8, 2008

First Ponytail for Miss Belle!

Oh, how cute is our little Belle with her first ponytail! Hehe! =)"See, I'm a big girl!"
Daddy is proud of these pics (because of the basketball that is, not the pony)

Dec 4, 2008

Tis the Season

Tonight we took Isabelle for her first picture with Santa. Not only did she get her picture with Santa, but she also took her picture with 'Santa Butch'. Butch is the mascot for the WSU Cougars. Unfortunately, Izzy had just fallen asleep as we were pulling up so we had to wake her right before pictures. She was not wanting to wake up and then Santa's beard was all over her face so she would not stop rubbing her eyes (I don't blame her). Here are the best shots we were able to snap. =)So Sleepy!