Oct 15, 2008

2 months already!

Since I started this blog 2 months after Isabelle was born we have quite a few pictures that we would like to share. So this posts will just be full of random pictures of our little cutie. :)

Just a quick update: Isabelle had her 2 month dr. appointment yesterday. She weighs 11 lbs. 5 oz. and is 22 inches long (she sure is growing like a WEED... definitely living up to her namesake!) She is healthy as can be and is developing perfectly. She also received her first round of shots - no fun! Monday was her first day of daycare (we like to call it school) and she did great. We're hoping today goes just as well.

(Isabelle's first visit to the west side) Great Grandpa Weed's first time meeting Isabelle.

Great Grandma Weed

Grandma Weed and Uncle Joel

Cuddling with Great Grandma

Grandpa Weed and Izzy enjoying the nice weather.

Cousins - Brock & Dillon (4 days old)

He was sad that she was sad... too cute!

This is Izzy's favorite position with Uncle Ty. He calls it the puppy dog hold.

Getting so big!

Dillon showing off the tomato he is eating - he loves tomatoes!

Her first cougar football tailgate - 9/20/08

Finally caught a little smile.

Hanging out with daddy on his lunch break.

2 months old!

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the other grandpa said...

Shes a cutie!!! Growing like a weed.