Oct 8, 2008

Busy, busy!

I have decided that we needed a blog account for our friends and family to keep up with the latest happenings in our little family. Mostly I know you just want to see pictures of Isabelle. :) I will try to put up pictures from the beginning of her life to the present. Good luck to me on how to figure this thing out!

Life for us is busy! Especially for Paul. Between the long days he's been putting in at work he has managed to find the time to do some updates to our house. He put in a retaining wall in our back yard a couple months ago. My brother, Tim, came over with a backhoe from work and dug out the hill. A couple weekends ago he and my Papa put tile in our kitchen. This was very exciting for me! I will no longer have a kitchen floor that no matter how hard I scrub still looks dirty. The 70's cream linoleum had to go! Paul also recently went on a fishing trip with his family up at Sekui, a bear hunt near Leavenworth, got his first elk last weekend here in the Palouse, and deer season starts this coming weekend.

Isabelle is growing too fast! She is almost 2 months old. She is starting to figure out her little voice more and more & loves to show us her big smile (I have not been able to catch it on camera yet). She is such a content and happy baby. I am thrilled to just stare at her adorable little face. She recently discovered her hands and face... she loves to pull her ears and suck on her hand. She is determined to figure out how to suck her thumb, but still no luck.

Me, I am adjusting to life as a mother...and loving it! I got to stay home with her for about 8 weeks, which definitely wasn't long enough. I've been going into work in the mornings for a couple weeks now and I bring Isabelle with me. She has been quite the little trooper. Everyone at work loves stopping in to see her each day. I start back full time next week and she will start going to daycare 3 days a week. My mom will have her on Thursdays with Dillon and I am taking Tuesdays off. I am very excited about that!

Paul and Bailey taking a quick break from stacking bricks.

Half the new wall. It took over 300 bricks and Paul finished it in two days!

Dillon got in on the fun too!

-Here are a few random pictures of Isabelle-

Isabelle and Dillon

Paul's elk

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