Oct 27, 2008

Fall Photo Shoot!

I love when the leaves turn and the air gets that crisp autumn smell. The pumpkins are out and the leaves fall--it's such a beautiful time of year! We thought we would take advantage of it. So here are some of our favorites of Isabelle's fall photo shoot taken by my mom. :) She is growing more and more every day. Tummy time is getting better and she's able to hold her head up a lot longer now (although it's still not her favorite thing to do). It is so much fun to watch her take in the world around her. She will hold her hands and just stare at them as she moves them around. She is smiling all the time now and loves to coo... I think she is going to be a chatty little one like her mama was. :)
Hmmm, this is kind of fun... I think. Yeah, it is!

Too cute!

Look at her holding onto the leaves :)


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the other grandma said...

She beautiful and the colors are too.Love getting the updates along with pics.This is really great.