Oct 8, 2008

Isabelle's first hours....

The day Isabelle came into this world was the best day of our lives. We both could not wait to hold her in our arms for the first time. After 34 hours of labor it was time for her arrival! Only 6 minutes of pushing and she was here! She took her time, but once she was ready to come there was no stopping her. The entire pregnancy and delivery couldn't have gone any more perfectly. Here are some pictures of the big day. It was hard to choose which pictures to post so there are quite a few- Enjoy!

Anxiously awaiting her arrival!

Grandpa & Dillon waiting outside the room.

Isabelle Jeanette Weed ~ 6 lbs. 11 oz. ~ 19 inches long

Proud daddy introducing Izzy to the family.

Hi mama! It's so good to finally see her face.
The first of many kisses from daddy.

Our new family.

Four generations~ Great Grandma Jeanette Carico (Gigi) and Grandma.

Great Grandma Thompson surprised us that evening.

Becca, Gigi, Grandma, and Papa "Oooing" at Izzy.

Grandpa showing Dillon his new baby cousin.

Uncle Ty and Iz.

Uncle Tim and his new niece.

Aunt Erin and Izzy.

Tired daddy and baby after the first day.
Resting after a long day!
Before we headed home from the hospital. 3 days old.

Ready to go home!

It feels so good to be home... although we are both pooped!


Grandma said...

Wow Tate this is awesome. We are so happy to have Izzy here. I am so blessed to be able to stay home on Thursdays and watch her and Dillon.

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Anonymous said...

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