Nov 21, 2008

Hunting 2008

Hooray! It is finally the end of hunting season for Paul... well, at least for the next few months or so. Last Saturday he got his buck -- a whitetail 3 x 3 with eye guards. He was really happy to get his first elk and another deer this year. So that means we have one full freezer of game meat. It's a good thing we decided to go with the larger deep freezer. Lucky for me I get to experiment with all kinds of ways to prepare game meat: Elk roast, elk/deer taco meat, elk Hamburger Helper, elk/deer steak, etc. Oh boy! I grew up eating deer sausage and jerky, but that's about it so this is all new to me. I've been able to stomach some of it, but I have to remind Paul that I need to take baby steps. =) Maybe someday I will just LOVE game meat?... Um, doubtful! ;)
The proud hunter.

Ty, Paul, and Tim

Dillon had to get a picture as well. :)

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