Nov 17, 2008

What a Monday...

Today has been one of those days! I was late to work and forgot milk for Isabelle at daycare. Paul had said the night before that my eye looked really red all day. So I figured I better go to the doctor just in case it was pink eye. So after an hour and a half sitting at Pullman ReadyCare, the doc told me that I, in fact, did have pink eye... Ugh! Luckily I caught it early enough that it wasn't too bad and hopefully I haven't infected anyone else with it. He instructed me to take the afternoon off and start the antibiotics. Darn, I was hoping to go back to work for the afternoon. ;)

Well, that solved the milk issue and I got to hang out with Isabelle the rest of the afternoon. I thought I would be adventurous and try making a yummy recipe I had found in my Crock Pot Cookbook -- Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake! Hmm, a cake in a crock pot? Never heard of that before, but I gave it a shot. After letting it cool for over an hour (the recipe called for 10 minutes before flipping onto a platter) I asked Paul to do the honors as it was pretty heavy. Instead of this beautiful cake landing onto the platter the entire thing turned to moosh and gooed all over the platter, counter, floor and Paul... poor guy it was still really hot! Needless to say we took a few bites to taste it and it was okay, but definitely undercooked. What a bummer! Good thing I have tomorrow off. Maybe we should just stay in bed all day! =)

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