Jan 23, 2009


Isabelle discovered her toes a few weeks ago. Sucking on them is now her favorite thing to do whenever she is undressed. =)

Jan 22, 2009

Late Christmas Trip over the Mountains

This past weekend we finally made our trip over to the west side. The weather was perfect and the roads were clear and dry. Isabelle slept the whole way over on Friday afternoon (from 3:15-8:30pm). We couldn't have asked for better traveling! =)

We stayed with Paul's parents (thank you for your hospitality) and were able to see some friends. Here are some of the highlights:

Hanging out with Grandpa before bed.

These two woke up extra early Saturday morning,
but both came into bed with us for a morning nap. =)

Making paper flowers. Ryan got her uncles in on the action!

Silly girl!

Ryan loved teaching Isabelle how to play with her new toys!


We met up with Great GM & GP for breakfast.
It was so wonderful getting to see them.

Isabelle with her Great GM & GP Weed.

Then we took our first trip to a Cabela's store. Paul was in heaven...
Isabelle was alseep in 10 minutes. =)

Ryan road with us to breakfast and Cabela's.
She listened to her iPod the entire time.

What a beautiful day!
Had to snap a shot of Mt. Rainier on our way back up to Bonney Lake.

Both girls passed out on the way home.

Ryan was such a great help! She loved getting Izzy dressed.

And carrying her around! =)

Cuddled up watching a movie.

Playing horsey with Uncle Randall.

Isabelle and I made a trip down to Puyallup to see some of my wonderful friends from college.
She finally got to meet her 'Auntie' Heidi!

Meeting Halli for the first time. Halli and I were roommates.
... And Brenna! I love these girls! I was so happy they finally got to meet our little Belle. =)
Playing with Heidi's parents.
And she loved Heidi's boyfriend Blake!