Mar 5, 2009

On the MOVE!

We have a crawler... an army crawler that is! For the past couple of weeks Izzy has been getting up on all fours and I knew it was just a matter of time before she'd be on the move. On Sunday evening we were over visiting my parents and she was very determined to get to Dillon's marker box. And what do you know, she started pulling herself to them! It's so cute! She works so hard at it and is figuring it out more and more each day. Now it is definitely time to get the baby proofing into high gear! I need to get some pictures of her in action and will post them as soon as I do.

Not only is she crawling, but she also loves to stand holding onto things. At school her favorite is the play kitchen... she loves to play with the "older" (almost one year old) babies in her class. The other night all I had handy was my phone so I snapped a few pictures of her standing at the coffee table. They are a little blurry, but still very cute!

Here's the little supported-stander!

One hand... Dare Devil! ;)

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