Apr 17, 2009

New J-O-B!

I start my new job on Monday! I am very excited, but know that the next few weeks are going to be extremely busy. Not only will I be trying to fill the shoes of the Assistant to the Dean in CAHNRS (College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences) who has been there for 30 years, but I will also work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons in the Department of Statistics (my current position) to help with the transition and to end out the academic year. --Phew, that was a mouth full! :)

If I stop long enough to think about all of it I get a little freaked out... not only will I be learning a whole new job, but also training the person replacing me and helping tie up all loose ends in my current department. A-yeah, it's a little scary, but I know the stressful time will pass soon. I just can't let myself stop and think about it too long. :) I'm trying to stay positive and keep reminding myself that this is such an amazing opportunity.

For those of you who didn't know about all of this, the Dean of CAHNRS called me up two weeks ago and told me his assistant was retiring and he wanted me to take over her position. It was completely out of the blue, but also the perfect timing! I wasn't looking for a new job, but I have been kind of a 'sitting duck' just waiting to hear what will happen to the Department of Statistics. Due to the budget cuts, 99% sure, Stats will be merged with Math. So my position will most likely be absorbed or downsized. So this all couldn't have happened at a better time. I always say things always work out for the best and if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I love starting a new job. Learning new skills, meeting new people, developing new relationships, but those first few weeks are always a little unsettling because of all the unknowns. But I know it won't be long before I feel at home in my new position. :)

So that's the newest happenings in my work life. A little stressful, a little scary, a little nerve-racking, but oh so exciting!

"It's not so much that we're afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but it's that place in between that we fear... It's like being between trapezes. It's Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. There's nothing to hold on to." Marilyn Ferguson

Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

1st Easter Basket
The grass was her favorite... of course!
Straight to the mouth.

Grandpa and Grandma Thompson
The only boy hunting for Easter eggs. Oooo! Found one!

We had a wonderful first Easter with Isabelle. She was very excited about her Easter basket this morning... well mainly the sparkly pink grass in the basket. She went straight for it and pulled it all out and then it went straight into her mouth. Too funny! So after Paul snapped a few shots we cleaned it up and put it "up". Within a few minutes I look over and Isabelle has pulled herself up to the hearth and was able to stretch her little arm out to grab the basket and dump the grass out all over again... This time I put it away in the office. =)

She slept through the egg hunt so Dillon got to find them all! It was so cute to watch him search the entire yard very slowly and then run up when he would find one. I'm sure Izzy will be out there with him next year. My mom and I got the ham in the oven and headed to a nearby park. We were able to take a few photos before the rain started. Paul stayed back and watched hunting with the guys (that is why he isn't in any of the pics). He wasn't up for another one of my photo shoots. Haha! =) The food was delicious! We had ham, mashed red potatoes, green bean casserole, fruit salad, deviled eggs, and rolls. For dessert a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on a cookie, topped with baked apples and caramel sauce... YUMMO! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

Isabelle also turned 8 months old today. I can't believe it! She is getting so big! She has perfected crawling, pulling herself up to stand holding onto things, and cruising around holding onto furniture. She has four teeth, screams out of excitement, loves to eat avacado and banana chunks, and can stand without assistance for a few seconds at a time now. She goes potty on the toilet every morning after waking up and any other time we put her on it... hehe! She's so funny! She has her 9 month check up coming up and we'll find out how long she is and how much she weighs (I'm guessing she's just over 17 lbs). We'll keep you posted.

Apr 10, 2009

It is FINALLY Spring!

As the weather is slowly warming up the kids are so excited to be outside... I don't blame them; it has been a long winter! Grandma was able to snap some adorable pictures of them yesterday while they played outside and I just had to share them. These are just a few of my favorites.

How precious is this?

On a mission...

Not quite sure what to think of the pups yet...

Apr 9, 2009


Thought I'd give a quick update on Isabelle's health...

She is finally feeling much better! She is done with her anitbiotics for her ears and they are clear. She is so much happier... and so are we. =) Her top right tooth broke through last Saturday and the left one is just poking through. I think these ones are really hurting her because her sleeping has been hit and miss lately. The weather is warming up which means we are spending as much time outside as possible. Izzy just loves it. I'm hoping we're done with the cold season. A healthy baby is a much happier baby! Yay for Spring!

Apr 2, 2009


Last Wednesday we took Isabelle back into the doctor. At noon when I went to feed her at daycare she was really warm and refused a bottle all morning. So we took her temp and it was 101.5. I gave her some tylenol and headed back to work to finish up a few things before taking the afternoon off. About a half hour later her teacher called and said her temp was up to 102.8. So Paul headed right over to get her and we took her into the pedi that afternoon. Sure enough she had another ear infection. Ugh, hopefully this isn't a trend starting. So we started her on antibiotics again that evening. We had to try something new since it had only been three weeks since she was last on amoxicillin. Since she was in pain and was clearly not feeling well we let her sleep with us for a few nights because she would not sleep in her own bed. This made for some long nights for all of us... our bed is just not big enough!

All weekend long she didn't want to nurse, wouldn't take a bottle and was still refusing to sleep in her own bed. Her cough was getting worse and by Monday afternoon when she was still refusing her bottle at daycare I decided to take her back into the pedi's. Luckily, her ears are clear! Yay! We just need to continue the antibiotics until Sunday. Her stuffy nose might have to do with not wanting to eat. Oh yes, and her top two teeth are trying to break through too so I'm sure that has something to do with it as well. She had only lost an ounce and doesn't seem dehydrated so the doctor was not concerned. He said we can use a little "tough love" to get her back into her old sleeping habits. So Monday evening we began...

It has been a LONG week, to say the least! Running on little to no sleep and fighting a cold myself has taken its toll on me... BUT last night we went through our normal bedtime routine and had Isabelle in bed by 7:45. I was out cold by 9:00. At 4:00 this morning I opened my eyes and when I saw the time couldn't help but smile... she slept through the night again! Isabelle didn't wake up until 5:00 to eat. Then I put her back to bed with her daddy and she slept until we had to wake her up at 7:00! I guess I wasn't the only one who was tired from these past few long sleepless night. We're hoping she is back into her normal sleeping routine so we can all catch up on some much needed rest and get healthy again! :)