Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

1st Easter Basket
The grass was her favorite... of course!
Straight to the mouth.

Grandpa and Grandma Thompson
The only boy hunting for Easter eggs. Oooo! Found one!

We had a wonderful first Easter with Isabelle. She was very excited about her Easter basket this morning... well mainly the sparkly pink grass in the basket. She went straight for it and pulled it all out and then it went straight into her mouth. Too funny! So after Paul snapped a few shots we cleaned it up and put it "up". Within a few minutes I look over and Isabelle has pulled herself up to the hearth and was able to stretch her little arm out to grab the basket and dump the grass out all over again... This time I put it away in the office. =)

She slept through the egg hunt so Dillon got to find them all! It was so cute to watch him search the entire yard very slowly and then run up when he would find one. I'm sure Izzy will be out there with him next year. My mom and I got the ham in the oven and headed to a nearby park. We were able to take a few photos before the rain started. Paul stayed back and watched hunting with the guys (that is why he isn't in any of the pics). He wasn't up for another one of my photo shoots. Haha! =) The food was delicious! We had ham, mashed red potatoes, green bean casserole, fruit salad, deviled eggs, and rolls. For dessert a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on a cookie, topped with baked apples and caramel sauce... YUMMO! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

Isabelle also turned 8 months old today. I can't believe it! She is getting so big! She has perfected crawling, pulling herself up to stand holding onto things, and cruising around holding onto furniture. She has four teeth, screams out of excitement, loves to eat avacado and banana chunks, and can stand without assistance for a few seconds at a time now. She goes potty on the toilet every morning after waking up and any other time we put her on it... hehe! She's so funny! She has her 9 month check up coming up and we'll find out how long she is and how much she weighs (I'm guessing she's just over 17 lbs). We'll keep you posted.

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