May 28, 2009

Memories on Memorial Day Weekend

All the plans were made, the food was purchased, the gear was packed, and we were all so excited for the three day weekend! We headed out Friday after work (and after taking rushing around to get Isabelle to the doctor for her 9 month check up) to Heyburn State Park on Lake Coeur d'Alene for a nice long weekend of camping... er, at least that is what we were expecting.

The kids were such great little travelers.

We arrived at the park and found our campsite mud hole. I should have taken a picture of it and of Ty's face because both were hilarious. How were we supposed to set up one, let alone three, tents on this muddy mess? And you should have seen the fire pit compared to all the others we had seen driving up to our spot. This was going to take some major innovation and some major troopers to make this work. take you back, Paul had called in advance and reserved a campsite. He was so happy as there were only two sites left and from the looks of the map this site was in the perfect location. The Ranger assured Paul that it was a nice site, just as all the others. Ahem, excuse me? Nice, maybe if your a pig. =)

We all tried to stay positive and knew we could make it work if need be, but Ty and Erin decided to run to the Ranger Station to see if there were any other options. It was our lucky day -- site # 118 was open and perfect! Plenty of room, a nice fire pit, flat ground, three great shady trees... ahh, this was perfect!

So we got all set up...

Let the kids run/crawl around...

Dillon was in heaven...

Chopped some wood...Got a fire started...

"See the fire Aunt Tate?"

This was going to be a great weekend. Isabelle fell asleep shortly after getting all set up and slept like an angel the rest of the night. Yep, she's a camping girl!

It was time to roast some marshmallows and make S'mores! These pictures are PRICELESS! =)

I think it's easy to say Dillon enjoyed this, just a little. =)

The next morning we all woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

The guys went fishing and when they got back Tim was missing. He was dropped off at the bathrooms on their way back and was not feeling well. He was a trooper and tried sleeping it off. Paul decided to lay down to take a nap with Izzy and by the time we got back from a walk around 11:00am Isabelle was now throwing up. Great. We decided it was best to load up and head home because Erin Thompson wasn't feeling well either. So while Ty, Paul, and Erin Carol loaded our three days worth of goods Tim was vomiting in a bush, Isabelle was throwing up every 5 minutes, and Erin and Dill were laying down in the truck. Things weren't looking good. So to make this long very long story short (if that's possible) 7 out of the 8 of us ended up getting sick with the flu. Dillon had gotten sick on Wednesday night before heading we left camping, but was fine Thursday and Friday. Apparently the bug was still around and the "plague" spread through our camp like a wild fire (no pun intended). Paul and both Erins were sick by Saturday evening and I woke up with it Monday morning. There was a case of the swine flu in Whitman County reported today, but not to worry, we're all feeling much better and back to our normal selves.

The night and half day we got to spend camping were great. It was a bummer to be cooped up sick all weekend with such gorgeous weather, but now we've found a new camping spot and will have to plan our next trip soon.

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