Jun 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

It's Monday, people! And it wasn't me! Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama, where mothers, wives, and other bloggers from computers around the world deny doing the things that they did during the week. A sort of confession-type therapy, only we're not really confessing are we? Well you might be, but I'm not. Nope, not me! You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not let Isabelle run around naked after going pee on the potty the other morning while I got ready. To then have her poop on the bathroom floor! Nope not me! And there isn’t more to this story so don’t ask!

I did not try running our dishwasher three times before letting Paul know it wasn’t working properly. I wouldn’t do this because I knew he had been working on the bathroom days before and had messed with the water. I would know right away that the water must still be shut off to the dishwasher so I wouldn’t keep running it even though it wasn’t cleaning the dishes and making strange sounds. (Thank the Lord I didn’t break the darn thing!... I mean if I did anything like this, which you all know I totally didn’t!).

I did not sleep in twice last week. I wouldn’t just hit the snooze button without knowing it. If I did do this I most definitely did not freak out because I’m the type of girl who just goes with the flow… I don’t have a strict routine I follow every day that gets thrown totally out of whack if the smallest thing changes. Nah, not me!

I did not leave the house a complete disaster when we left Friday after work to head to Spokane for Hoopfest. I had all the clothes washed, folded and put away. There was not a single dirty dish in the sink. The (now fixed) dishwasher was not full of clean dishes that needed to be put away. And my floors were not filthy from my husband tracking drywall dust through the house all week. Nope! The house was sparkling clean so when we arrived home we had nothing to do, but put the babe to bed and cuddle on the couch eating bon bon's all evening until we hit the sack.

Now it's your turn... what did you NOT do this week? =)

Hoopfest 2009!

This is how Isabelle spent most of her weekend...

Cruising around downtown Spokane in her stroller at Hoopfest.


This was Isabelle's first Hoopfest and she loved it! The weather was perfect and Izzy was such a little trooper. We stayed with Trevor and Becca -- thank you both so much! It was great to spend the weekend with them. Isabelle had a rough night on Friday once we finally put her to bed at 10:30. This is extremely late for her so we thought maybe she was just overly tired and couldn't fall asleep, but after 10 minutes of crying I knew it must be her teeth... sure enough on Saturday morning she woke up with two additional teeth on the bottom. That's a total of 7 teeth now! She went from four teeth to seven in two days. No wonder she was a fussy girl! But by the time Saturday morning rolled around she was happy and ready to watch some basketball. I didn't have my camera so my blurry phone pictures will have to do.
Watching some b-ball while waiting for Uncle Trev's game to start.

Taking a break between daddy's games.

We ran into the Carlson's! I babysat these darling girls when I was in high school. Lindsey was a baby the first time I watched her and here she is holding my baby now! So cute!

Isabelle was in heaven sitting on the grass surrounded by all the 5th graders while we watched Kaylin's game.

And here is the Kaylin after her game. I still can't get over how grown up these two are! What gorgeous girls they are! It was so wonderful getting to see them. I loved catching up with the whole family. =)

By the time we headed home Sunday afternoon Isabelle was spent! She cuddled up with my dress and passed out. =)
Paul's team won the championship game for their bracket. They won all 5 games and had a great time... although Paul is definitely sore today. Two more basketball t-shirts to add to the hundred others and some nice "war wounds" -- a split lip, bruises on his back and shoulder and a cut on his elbow. Oh the joys of 3-on-3 basketball... I'm glad I was on the sidelines watching! Isabelle will be out there hoopin it up at Hoopfest before we know it!

Jun 22, 2009

Daddy's Girl

I was going through pictures on Sunday trying to find the best one of Isabelle and her daddy to post in a Father's Day blog. I couldn't help but notice how many darling pictures I have of daddy and his baby girl. :)

Isabelle's birthday and first night in the hospital - less than a day old.

Snuggling with daddy - a week old.

Hanging out with daddy on his lunch break - a little over a month old.

Playing in the leaves - 3 months old.

Sleeping just like daddy - 4 months old.
Christmas Eve kisses - almost 5 months old.

At Papa & Gigi's - 6 months old.

Lazy Sunday afternoon - 7 months old.

Taking in the sites - 8 months old.

Head butts for daddy - 10 months old.

As you can see these two love each other to pieces. She is quite the daddy's girl -- and that's exactly how Paul likes it. :) We had a great Father's Day. Isabelle made her daddy a yummy breakfast (with mama's help), got him some new work and summer clothes, and spent the entire day loving on him. Happy (first) Father's Day daddy! We love you more than you'll ever know!
My dad was boarding a cruise ship on Sunday so I called him and let him listen to Isabelle laugh for a few minutes. :) I love you Dad! Thank you for being the best daddy to me. I hope Paul and Isabelle can have a relationship just like ours.
I hope the both of you enjoyed your special day.

Jun 18, 2009

Splish Splash!

It's been a while since I've taken pictures of Isabelle in the bath. So the other night I had to snap a few. She still absolutely loves taking her baths. It's so much fun watching her splash and giggle in excitement! She stands up and crawls around in the tub now so I'm trying to teach her we only sit in the bath. She thinks it's pretty funny and I have to admit it's pretty cute. Soon it will be warm enough to take her swimming. I know she'll love it! And just wait until you see her darling little swim suite! =)

Putting her head under the running water..."Phew, that was fun!""See my toys mama?" Making waves!


Jun 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

It's Monday, people! And it wasn't me! Welcome to my first edition of Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama, where mothers, wives, and other bloggers from computers around the world deny doing the things that they did during the week. A sort of confession-type therapy, only we're not really confessing are we? Well you might be, but I'm not. Nope, not me!

On Tuesday we attended a BBQ at Isabelle’s daycare that I did not know about for weeks. I did not forget to make something in advance. Nah, not me! I’m always so on top of things like this. So I did not have to rush to the store at 4:00 after getting off work to buy oil since I was out and needed it to make brownies or a cake. I did not then proceed to make a cake thinking that it would be ready by 5:30 when the BBQ began. When 5:15 rolled around I did not slap frosting on the cake while it was still hot only to ruin the cake and then end up stopping by the store to purchase a pie after all. Never! Oh yeah, and I wasn’t late and I didn’t contemplate not attending the BBQ either because I didn’t want to show up 10 minutes late.

I did not let Isabelle, my 10 month old, play in the drawer that houses the plastic zip lock baggies so that I could get the dishes done and she did not end up pulling every single one out of the box and sit and chew on them. I did not let this go on for a good ten (plus) minutes while I finished cleaning up the kitchen because she was so entertained and giving me a few minutes to do so. Nope, not me!

I did not make my husband upset yet again because I had no clue what was for dinner four, count them four, nights this week. We stick to a menu plan around here, darnit! I would not just end up throwing something together last minute. Again, naw, not me!

Yesterday afternoon I did not find my little one sitting in the middle of the floor with a pack of baby wipes strung out all over her lap with one in her mouth. I did not then proceed to call for my husband to come see “how stinkin’ cute she looked” and I didn’t contemplate getting the camera to snap some pictures before cleaning up the mess. And please note, I did not know she had the wipes and just figure she couldn’t open the package.

I did not have a homemade orea milk shake for dinner on Saturday night because nothing else sounded good. And even if I would have it wouldn’t have tasted like heaven! And I did not want the same thing for dinner last night. Nope, not me!

I did not just now get around to posting this blog after having it sit on my computer all day. Nope, not me!

Now you can head over to http://www.mycharmingkids.net to read what MckMama and everyone else have not been doing this week. Hope you enjoyed this and can join in on the fun! =)

Jun 12, 2009

Is It Possible?

Isabelle is 10 months old today! Which seems impossible. For some reason 10 months old just seems way too old. Maybe it's because it's only 2 months shy of turning one and because my baby doesn't look like a baby anymore. I mean look at this picture from this morning...

Does this picture not say, "Yeah, I'm a big girl."?

In case you didn't see the video I posted a few weeks back, Isabelle is a walking girl now (and has been since a couple days before she turned 9 months old). Which she is now trying to turn into a running girl. She gets going as fast as she can until she falls down and right back up she goes. I'll have to get another video to post of how well she is walking now. She walks everywhere!

Last night she had her first taste of cheese pizza and loved it! She seems to be handling all the new foods well. She even had her first lunch at school on Wednesday, which included mashed potatoes, peas, and apple sauce. I love that we can give her more and more of what we are eating now.

Her newest word is bird... which is just a sharp "B" sound, but she says it anytime she sees or hears a bird. She loves to stand at the screen door and look for birds. This morning she saw a squirrel and was pretty excited about it...

She knows she's way too cute. =)

Jun 2, 2009

Green Grass!

Just some cute pictures of Isabelle playing in the grass that I wanted to share. =)
These were taken right before Paul mowed. As you can see the grass was pretty long, but she loved crawling around in it.

Check out the gorgeous new grass we have in the back yard and the bark Paul was starting to lay above the retaining wall. I'll have to post some pictures of the finished product.
It looks GREAT!

Watching Daddy work.

We even got him to stop working for a quick picture.

Jun 1, 2009

Someone Got Caught in the Cookie Jar... er, Bread Drawer

Saturday morning we got up early to get ready to head up to Deer Park for my cousin, Becky's, graduation party. While I was trying to rush around to get the house picked up before hopping in the shower I let Isabelle roam around the house like she usually does. Before too long I realized she had been suspiciously quiet. It typically doesn't take long before she is right at my ankles trying to climb up my leg so for her to be out of site and quiet I knew something was up. Last I had seen her she was in the kitchen playing in the cupboard so I assumed she was still playing with a mixing bowl and measuring cup, but instead this is what I found...
Of course once I found her I couldn't take the bread away. Nope, not me. Instead I take multiple pictures of our sweet baby girl covered in bread crumbs. =)
"Yes, mama?" Doesn't she just look so sweet and innocent?
Well, this was her first taste of bread after all. How could I take it away? So I continued to snap some pictures. I must say, she really did seemed to enjoy her first real carbs! Silly girl! So much for waiting to give her bread.