Jun 22, 2009

Daddy's Girl

I was going through pictures on Sunday trying to find the best one of Isabelle and her daddy to post in a Father's Day blog. I couldn't help but notice how many darling pictures I have of daddy and his baby girl. :)

Isabelle's birthday and first night in the hospital - less than a day old.

Snuggling with daddy - a week old.

Hanging out with daddy on his lunch break - a little over a month old.

Playing in the leaves - 3 months old.

Sleeping just like daddy - 4 months old.
Christmas Eve kisses - almost 5 months old.

At Papa & Gigi's - 6 months old.

Lazy Sunday afternoon - 7 months old.

Taking in the sites - 8 months old.

Head butts for daddy - 10 months old.

As you can see these two love each other to pieces. She is quite the daddy's girl -- and that's exactly how Paul likes it. :) We had a great Father's Day. Isabelle made her daddy a yummy breakfast (with mama's help), got him some new work and summer clothes, and spent the entire day loving on him. Happy (first) Father's Day daddy! We love you more than you'll ever know!
My dad was boarding a cruise ship on Sunday so I called him and let him listen to Isabelle laugh for a few minutes. :) I love you Dad! Thank you for being the best daddy to me. I hope Paul and Isabelle can have a relationship just like ours.
I hope the both of you enjoyed your special day.

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