Jun 29, 2009

Hoopfest 2009!

This is how Isabelle spent most of her weekend...

Cruising around downtown Spokane in her stroller at Hoopfest.


This was Isabelle's first Hoopfest and she loved it! The weather was perfect and Izzy was such a little trooper. We stayed with Trevor and Becca -- thank you both so much! It was great to spend the weekend with them. Isabelle had a rough night on Friday once we finally put her to bed at 10:30. This is extremely late for her so we thought maybe she was just overly tired and couldn't fall asleep, but after 10 minutes of crying I knew it must be her teeth... sure enough on Saturday morning she woke up with two additional teeth on the bottom. That's a total of 7 teeth now! She went from four teeth to seven in two days. No wonder she was a fussy girl! But by the time Saturday morning rolled around she was happy and ready to watch some basketball. I didn't have my camera so my blurry phone pictures will have to do.
Watching some b-ball while waiting for Uncle Trev's game to start.

Taking a break between daddy's games.

We ran into the Carlson's! I babysat these darling girls when I was in high school. Lindsey was a baby the first time I watched her and here she is holding my baby now! So cute!

Isabelle was in heaven sitting on the grass surrounded by all the 5th graders while we watched Kaylin's game.

And here is the Kaylin after her game. I still can't get over how grown up these two are! What gorgeous girls they are! It was so wonderful getting to see them. I loved catching up with the whole family. =)

By the time we headed home Sunday afternoon Isabelle was spent! She cuddled up with my dress and passed out. =)
Paul's team won the championship game for their bracket. They won all 5 games and had a great time... although Paul is definitely sore today. Two more basketball t-shirts to add to the hundred others and some nice "war wounds" -- a split lip, bruises on his back and shoulder and a cut on his elbow. Oh the joys of 3-on-3 basketball... I'm glad I was on the sidelines watching! Isabelle will be out there hoopin it up at Hoopfest before we know it!

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