Jun 12, 2009

Is It Possible?

Isabelle is 10 months old today! Which seems impossible. For some reason 10 months old just seems way too old. Maybe it's because it's only 2 months shy of turning one and because my baby doesn't look like a baby anymore. I mean look at this picture from this morning...

Does this picture not say, "Yeah, I'm a big girl."?

In case you didn't see the video I posted a few weeks back, Isabelle is a walking girl now (and has been since a couple days before she turned 9 months old). Which she is now trying to turn into a running girl. She gets going as fast as she can until she falls down and right back up she goes. I'll have to get another video to post of how well she is walking now. She walks everywhere!

Last night she had her first taste of cheese pizza and loved it! She seems to be handling all the new foods well. She even had her first lunch at school on Wednesday, which included mashed potatoes, peas, and apple sauce. I love that we can give her more and more of what we are eating now.

Her newest word is bird... which is just a sharp "B" sound, but she says it anytime she sees or hears a bird. She loves to stand at the screen door and look for birds. This morning she saw a squirrel and was pretty excited about it...

She knows she's way too cute. =)

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