Jun 1, 2009

Someone Got Caught in the Cookie Jar... er, Bread Drawer

Saturday morning we got up early to get ready to head up to Deer Park for my cousin, Becky's, graduation party. While I was trying to rush around to get the house picked up before hopping in the shower I let Isabelle roam around the house like she usually does. Before too long I realized she had been suspiciously quiet. It typically doesn't take long before she is right at my ankles trying to climb up my leg so for her to be out of site and quiet I knew something was up. Last I had seen her she was in the kitchen playing in the cupboard so I assumed she was still playing with a mixing bowl and measuring cup, but instead this is what I found...
Of course once I found her I couldn't take the bread away. Nope, not me. Instead I take multiple pictures of our sweet baby girl covered in bread crumbs. =)
"Yes, mama?" Doesn't she just look so sweet and innocent?
Well, this was her first taste of bread after all. How could I take it away? So I continued to snap some pictures. I must say, she really did seemed to enjoy her first real carbs! Silly girl! So much for waiting to give her bread.

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