Jul 12, 2009

11 Months Old!

Well, here we are again. Another month has passed. As I say every month, I can’t believe it! In one month we'll be celebrating Isabelle's first birthday!

In the past month we have laughed more at Isabelle than ever before. Her little personality sure is starting to develop. She is just too funny! Her latest thing is making growling sounds. She’ll growl and then laugh with the cutest little expression. She is also starting to show her defiant side, but it’s still too cute… ask us in a few months how we’re feeling about it though. =) She’ll grab a cord and just look back at us with a little grin. Then when we go to remove her hand she laughs and squeals holding on as tight as she can while she flails around. So we go through this, Lord knows how many times – “No, no. Cords are dangerous. Let’s go play with your toys.” And we walk her over to some toys in hope of distracting her. Sure enough she’ll be right back at it just laughing away. Silly girl!

Some of Isabelle’s accomplishments this past month:

*She loves to give kisses! She’ll grab your face and plant a big one right on you! Talk about melt your heart!

*She also blows kisses, waves bye-bye and hi.

*She can sign please, more, thank you, all done, baby, and milk.

*And of course, is babbling like a crazy woman! Besides adding the growling sound to her vocabulary it is still pretty much the same as last month. She does say “Oh, no!” while she holds her hands on her head and “Hi-O!” when she pretends to be on the phone. Which everything is a phone to her – the remote, her baseball bat, my hair brush, blocks, and this morning daddy’s stud finder.

*Her hair is getting longer and thicker. *She is eating pretty much whatever we eat minus sauces and spices. She loves cheese quesadillas, chicken nuggets, rice, and all her fruits and veggies (avocados are still number one). She started eating school lunch this month too and she thinks that’s pretty cool. =)

*She went swimming for the first time in a big pool. She loves it!

*She still loves to read and has started mimicking Grandpa when he reads Corduroy Goes to the Doctor.

*She can climb now, but is still not a pro (thank goodness!).

These pictures are from this morning. It was time to put some of the toys she has outgrown into the attic. She was trying to climb into her swing while it was in the dinning room so I thought I would put her in one last time and she thought it was so much fun. I wanted to post these because they show just how big she has gotten.

We love you baby girl!

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