Jul 31, 2009

Beach Baby!

As you read in my previous post, we camped in Port Townsend last weekend and Isabelle had her first taste of salt water and sand. She is quite the little water bug -- loves her baths and we can't get her out of the pool. So she was in heaven when she saw the biggest "pool" she's ever seen!It was nice and warm on Saturday, but I didn't think Isabelle would be up for swimming in the freezing ocean. There were tons of kids swimming up to their necks in this cold stuff, but I still thought it might be too cold. So I didn't put Isabelle's swim suite on when we headed down to the beach for the family reunion. Boy was I wrong! She went right in (clothes and all) and was loving it. So we put the suite on and let her have at it!

She was quite brave and headed right in... But had a bit of a rude awakening when she realized how cold it really was.

She dug around in the sand, but wasn't too sure how much she liked it sticking to her hands.

Simply loving it!

She did NOT want to stop for a few pictures with mommy and daddy.

So back in she went.

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