Jul 22, 2009


Why is it that we can't wait to turn our little ones around in a forward-facing car seat?

This is why!!!

Last night Isabelle's new car seat was on the front porch when we got home. She's always been a good little traveler, but the older she gets the fussier she has gotten. I can't imagine having to ride around in a moving vehicle facing backwards (but I get car sick as it is) so I can't blame her. We're heading over to the west side tomorrow after work and we'll be doing a lot of driving so we figured now was the perfect time to switch her into her new seat. She's exactly 20 lbs. and plenty tall enough (yeah, she's a few weeks short of being one, but who's counting?).
We had her try it out this morning on the way to school and she was thrilled! She was looking around giggling and dancing to the music. She felt like such a big girl!
Ahhh, let's hope she is this peaceful during our trip over the mountains! :)

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Anonymous said...

no worries I will keep her busy in the back seat, look at her little legs spread she is ready