Aug 4, 2009


Oh how I miss this gorgeous place!

We continued our journey onto Bellingham. As you all know, Paul and I are both alumni from Western Washington University so this is our stomping ground! We were thrilled to get to spend the night with Paul's best friend Kyle... Chubbs!

Isabelle was so happy to see Uncle Chubbs!

And she got to see my very good friend, Kata! Of course I couldn't get a good picture of the two of them together (there were too many neat rocks and sticks to play with). I'm so happy we were able to meet up and catch up for a while. We miss you Kata! We'll come visit you in CA soon! :)
We went out to one of our all time favorite places in Bellingham, Larabee State Park. I would head out to this place with my friends to "study", but we always ended up being way too distracted. It's amazing how that always happened in B'ham. There is just way too much to see and do in this amazing town!

After climbing around on the rocks we headed back to the car, but stopped to let the little one play for a bit in the grass... this is pre-face plant on the gravel trail you see in the background.
And this is after I cleaned the dirt off her face and out of her mouth and nose... poor girl.
But she was quickly cheered up by some love from Uncie Chubbs.

On our way back home to Chubb's place we saw these three deer in a yard just munching on some trees. We always saw bucks in this exact neighborhood which is right by the boys' old apartment. There was a two-point, three-point and a four-point. The guys were pretty stoked!
Thanks for a wonderful time Chubbs! You really spoiled us! We had a great time at dinner, Larabee, downtown, hanging at your place having some drinks and playing PS3 and watching movies. We wish we could have stayed longer. A day is not enough time to see all the places and people you want to see... another trip is definitely in our near future!

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