Aug 26, 2009

Gearing Up, Cougar Style!

The traffic is thicker, the lines at the grocery store are longer, and campus is packed. The new academic year has begun. As much as I hate the fact I can no longer make it across town in five minutes or that a trip to the grocery store takes twice as long, it really is exciting to have all the students back in town! It gives Pullman a whole new feel and as much as I love the quiet, slow-paced summers, I love the upbeat feel once the population increases some 25,000 in just days.

The mornings are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. Before we know it the leaves will change and it will be dark by the time we get home from work each night. That's right, fall is just around the corner, and that means football season is too! Isabelle and Dillon couldn't wait to try on their new cougar gear... Okay, maybe they could and we couldn't, but how could we? I mean, look at how stinkin' cute they are! =)

Go Cougs!
(Cheerleader in the making!)
She loves the WSU fight song. Every time it comes on she dances with her hands up like this...

See I didn't lie, he was excited too!

They are getting WAY too big!
Dill and (mini) Butch.
I wonder how they'll do with their first encounter with the real Butch?
We're number one!
No really, we are! Best time of the entire football season because we're undefeated! LOL!

Paul starts classes again tonight, 7:00-10:00pm -- Ugh, that will make for a long day -- and Thursday's 4:00-7:00pm. If he takes two classes a semester from here on out he'll defend next fall. Seems like that went fast! Maybe after we're done having babies it will be my turn. :)

Isabelle moved up to the toddler room yesterday. She's been transitioning for a few weeks now going into the classroom a few hours a day, but now she is in there full time. I don't know what I'm going to do when she goes to kindergarten... I'm having a hard time with her moving into the 1and 2 year old class for goodness sake! They are great though. It just seems so impossible! She's taking one nap a day now and no longer in a crib (at school that is). She eats school lunch with all her friends and plays outside a couple times a day. Her favorite things to do so far include practicing her climbing skills, playing trucks outside, circle time singing songs and reading books, and playing with her best friend Ella. Her vocabulary is growing daily too. She says Ella, water, Boo Boo (that's what Daddy calls her), whoa, and bite in addition to all her other words. She has her one year checkup on September 9th (a little late, thanks to a lack of preparation by Mommy, *sigh*) . I'll be sure to update you all on her stats.

As for me, not a whole lot has changed. Still loving my job and life in general! I'm adjusting to being back to our old work schedule (8-5 with an hour lunch) and am planning on starting running again. Maybe during my hour lunch break since it's way too long. Oh yeah, and I'll be 25 in a month... crazy! I'll post about that later though. Hope you all had a fantastic summer and are enjoying gearing up for fall too! GO COUGS!!!

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