Aug 10, 2009

A Year Ago Today

It seems impossible that a year ago today I began to go into labor. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with Isabelle and nervous about what to expect when I finally started to have contractions.
A year ago today I woke up at 2:00 in the morning with a sensation I hadn't felt before. I laid there awake for two hours watching the clock to see how close the contractions were. Sure enough they were 5 minutes apart on the dot. They were not too painful, but enough to keep me from sleeping. This went on for three hours and I finally called my mom to let her know. I called the hospital to check with them since the rule is “contractions 5 minutes apart for an hour and it’s time to come in”. Well, I continued at this pace for another 24 hours before we finally headed to the hospital. I walked all around the neighborhood all day long trying to speed things along. After a long day and another night of no sleep we left for the hospital at 2:00 a.m. I love that we live right in Pullman and we only had to drive through town (approximately 4 minutes) to get to the hospital. Before admitting us they had to check to see my progress. (I had gone in at 10 a.m. the day before and was only 2 centimeters.) The nurse made me promise I wouldn’t cry if I hadn’t progressed any and I told her, “I'll try not to, but I think I might!” :) I was still at a 2 so it was time to walk… and I mean power walk…. for an hour straight! So there Paul and I were at 2:30 Sunday morning walking up and down the halls of the empty dark hospital. The longer we walked the faster my contractions came. I had to stop and breath through contractions every 1-2 minutes. They were really starting to pick up and were much stronger than before. After an hour of walking I was finally progressing and was able to be admitted! Looking back to a year ago today I remember those emotions of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety, but before we knew it Isabelle was ready to join us in this world!

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