Sep 18, 2009

Fall Festival!

Fall Festival is an event put on each year by the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS), which just so happens to be my place of work, at WSU! Have I mentioned how much I love my career? Seriously, I love it! I work with some of the greatest people in the Palouse -- down to earth, genuine, hardworking, innovative, and down right fun! It is so rewarding to love your job and the people you work with. For how much time we spend at work (which honestly I think is way too much) there is no reason not to love what you are doing. I always dreamed of having a career, one that I was passionate about and excelled at. Not just another job to pay the bills. I think I've found my match!

This was my first time participating in Fall Festival and I must say it is the best event on the WSU campus or any university campus for that matter that I've attended. Students, faculty, staff, family and friends gathered at Spillman Plaza to celebrate the wonderful college we are all apart of. Department displays and club exhibits filled the plaza. Flavored honey, live cockroaches to hold (I did not go near those things!), fresh produce, Ferdinand's ice cream, wheat bouquets, delicious Long Horn BBQ, and Butch were just a few of the exciting things at the festival. Isabelle was able to join me after school and finally met some of the great people I work with. She had a blast! She climbed up and down the stairs, babbled at everyone, mastered the grassy hills, ate Ferdinand's ice cream... and cried when she saw Butch. Beside being scarred of Butch she had a great time. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Happy Friday my friends!

Enjoying her ice cream.
Futuer Coug cheerleader...
okay, or basketball, volleyball, softball, golf athlete. :)

Running around with her piece of wheat.

This is after Isabelle saw Butch up close for the first time. He darted away after she started crying and sqeezing me as tight as she could.

Being a social butterfly.
Gotta love that intense face full of yummy food! :)

Sep 17, 2009

Deer Park Weekend

Isabelle was so excited to go to Deer Park this past weekend!We stayed with Papa and Gigi and visited with family and friends. The weather was beautiful so we played outside most of the weekend.
I can't believe how big all the kids are getting!
And Iz.
We haven't seen Evan for quite a while, and someone had a major crush...

We snapped a ton of pictures (as usual).

And Isabelle covered Avery in kisses (as usual).

These two will be best friends for life!
I always love going to Deer Park to visit. It just gives me that home feeling as soon as we exit off of highway 395. Thanks for having us up Papa and Gigi! We'll be back soon!

Sep 3, 2009

The Climber

Isabelle has started climbing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

"What mama? I'm not doing anything wrong."

If we turn our backs for too long we'll find her on top of the hearth shaking the door to the fireplace (luckily we don't use the fireplace)...

Climbing on chairs...

And up on the TABLE... Yikes!

On and into her stroller...

And of course she has to stand on her toys.

Yes, we have a little dare-devil on our hands and we have to keep a good eye on her or who knows where she'll be next. Of course for all of these pictures I followed her around with the camera watching her in action, but any other time we take her down and try to explain how it is not safe to climb on the bookshelf, table, hearth, stool, etc., etc. We know she doesn't understand everything we're saying and she's just exploring, but it sure is scary when one second she's at your feet and the next you turn around and she's on top of a chair! After taking her down from standing at the edge of the hearth for the 10th time the other day I finally had to put her in timeout for the first time. She thought it was pretty funny to say the least. *sigh* :)

(By the way, if you take a look at the post below... these were taken while I was following her around climbing. She was cracking up! How do you punish a face like that?!)


There's nothing sweeter, in my opinion, than a baby's giggle.