Sep 3, 2009

The Climber

Isabelle has started climbing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

"What mama? I'm not doing anything wrong."

If we turn our backs for too long we'll find her on top of the hearth shaking the door to the fireplace (luckily we don't use the fireplace)...

Climbing on chairs...

And up on the TABLE... Yikes!

On and into her stroller...

And of course she has to stand on her toys.

Yes, we have a little dare-devil on our hands and we have to keep a good eye on her or who knows where she'll be next. Of course for all of these pictures I followed her around with the camera watching her in action, but any other time we take her down and try to explain how it is not safe to climb on the bookshelf, table, hearth, stool, etc., etc. We know she doesn't understand everything we're saying and she's just exploring, but it sure is scary when one second she's at your feet and the next you turn around and she's on top of a chair! After taking her down from standing at the edge of the hearth for the 10th time the other day I finally had to put her in timeout for the first time. She thought it was pretty funny to say the least. *sigh* :)

(By the way, if you take a look at the post below... these were taken while I was following her around climbing. She was cracking up! How do you punish a face like that?!)

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