Oct 19, 2009

Books, Books and More Books!

Does this face not say it all?!
"Hmmm, which book should I read next?"
Isabelle has been a reading fanatic these past few months. She's always loved books, but her love for them as really grown recently. It's almost an obsession, but I'm not sure if babies really have the capacity to obsess over things... so anyways, as I was saying, she LOVES her books! First thing when she wakes up she says, "Boos!" Which obviously means books! She will read them for hours on end and expects us to sit and read the same books over and over with her morning, day, and night. So I'm constantly trading out what books are in the basket in the living room since that is where we spend most of our time reading and 'Where is Baby's Birthday Cake' gets quite old after the 8th time in a row. It's sweet really and I hope she continues to have this love for reading. Here are just a few of the many, many pictures I have of our little one reading away. =) She's too cute! And isn't she getting way too big?!
"See Mama, Noah put two of every animal on the Ark!"
This is another one of her favorites that she'll read over and over.
See two different days that I snapped a picture of her on the same page!
Just a reading away.
This is her new "cheese" face.
And this is when she really gets into cheesing! Haha!
"Mama, enough pictures let me finish reading my Fish Kisses book."
(Another favorite!)
And one more cheese picture because she's just that cute! =)

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