Oct 12, 2009

One Year (+2 month) Check Up

Isabelle finally had her one year (plus two months) check up. I had to postpone it twice due to her being sick. We went in a couple weeks after her first birthday because she had the flu and she weighed 19 lbs. 15 oz. Since then she has gained a whopping 9 ounces.

At 14 months old:

She weighs 20 lbs. 8 oz. -- 20th percentile
She is 30 inches long -- 50th percentile
And her head is 46 cm -- 75th percentile

Within the past two month Izzy's love for reading has quadrupled! She will read books morning, noon, and night. She's always loved to sit down and read a few books, but now she will read for hours, literally. Her interest in baby dolls has also increased. She kisses them, pats them on the back and when she lays them down she says, "Nigh, night." Her vocabulary is increasing daily as well. She will try to repeat anything we ask her to say, although you can't always make out what she's saying. Some of her newest words are flower "ower", apple "papple", bite please "beat peas", and monkey "mumkey". She loves to tell us the noises that animals make -- her favorite is the lion and cow. =) She still enjoys climbing, but not as much as she used to. She no longer tries to climb everything in sight. Her newest trick is climbing up onto something and bending her knees while she says "Dump!" (jump). It's amazing and so neat to see how much she is learning and picking up on lately. She's just a little sponge!
Playing with cousin Dill before her dr. appointment. This is her crooked smile that looks like her mama when she was a little girl. =)
She has a major love for shoes already. I think we're in trouble!

And this was after her shots that afternoon (you can see the band aid on her arm). She ended up getting five shots... four booster shots and the flu shot (one in the arm and two in each leg). Poor little girl! :( She was a trooper, but had a bit of a fever that evening and next day.

Other than the shots her appointment went well. The doctor says she's perfect, but we already knew that! =)

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