Nov 18, 2009

Crescent Bar

Isabelle and I met one of my best friends, Heidi, for a splendid girls weekend getaway last weekend. We almost cancelled due to the horrible road conditions, but last minute I received a call from Heid saying, "Let's just go!!!". This is so her and I just loved that we decided to do it. So we hit the snowy roads and headed for Crescent Bar. Have you heard of it? Well, it a cute little resort area down on the Columbia River right outside of Quincy.

Gorgeous, right?
After stopping at the store in Quincy to load up on goodies (and wine) we pulled into the condo parking lot to this...

These are our cars. That's right, not another car in sight! We were the only cars in the entire parking lot (which was huge, I must add) and got to enjoy the entire complex to ourselves for the whole weekend! Heidi said come summer this parking lot and every unit is completely packed. It was so nice and relaxing to be the only ones in most of Crescent Bar for the weekend.
Isabelle was so excited to see her Auntie/God Mother and spent most of her time curled up in her arms reading or just cuddling.

Saturday morning the weather was gorgeous! Cold, but gorgeous. So we bundled up and took a walk. This was my first time to Crescent Bar so I wanted to see the sights. And Heidi showed me her plans for her wedding and reception someday... hopefully sooner than later. ;)

Izzy got her first taste of a sour gummy worm (of course this was from Aunt Heidi). If only you knew how many bags of these things we consumed in college... oh life in the dorms, but I digress.
Contemplating if she liked it or not...
And of course, she did!
Later that evening Isabelle helped Heidi with dinner.

Um, can you say HUGE delicious Chinese Chicken Salad?! Yum-O!
Off to bed Izzy went and Heidi and I enjoyed some* more wine.
*So maybe we had to drive back into Quincy Saturday afternoon for some a couple more bottles of wine, but whose judging? :)
We made it a makeup free weekend and loved every minute of it! Oh, how I've missed my Heid!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend Heidi! It was exactly what we needed! You are such a wonderful friend and I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often. Come visit us in Pullman soon!

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