Dec 28, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009

Christmas morning we were woke up bright and early by Isabelle and Dillon. They had left cookies and milk out for Santa the night before and sure enough he came, ate his cookies, drank some milk, filled stockings, and left a bunch of presents! They were both very excited! This year we all stayed up at my parents' and woke up together on Christmas morning. It was such a wonderful Christmas! We were sad not to see all our family, but enjoyed the time spent with those who we could see.

Okay, are you ready for your eyes to burn? Because the next few posts (including this one) are full of pictures. I couldn't pick just a few... You all know me far too well by now. :)
Picking which present to open first.
Dillon got his real guitar and drum set!

What did Santa bring?

Izzy loved the clothes just as much as the toys... she's a true girly girl!

Her first tea party set.

Race cars!

Leap Frog Junior for our little reader!

Ty, Tim, and Erin watching Dill and Iz open gifts.

A cute outfit and stuffed animals from Great Grandma and Grandpa Weed. Thank you!

Yay, Isabelle's first Bible (from Auntie Jules)!

Dillon liked helping Izzy open her gifts.

More fun clothes, shoes, and jewelry from Aunt Carol and Uncle David.
So sweet of them to send gifts.

Isabelle in her new* infamous pouting pose.
*This new pose started this past week at my parents'. Whenever she was upset or especially when Grandpa told her no she would collapse into this pouting pose. After a few minutes she would start peeking out the side of her arm to see who was looking.
Oh so dramatic, but oh so cute!
So pretty! :)

Looks like Mama was pretty excited about something. LOL!

Alright, Mickey Mouse book collection!

Thanks for the fun farm, animals, and book Grandma and Grandpa Weed!

And for the Doodle Pro, Uncle Joel!
Isabelle and Dillon (along with the rest of us) were extremely spoiled this year! Thank you to my parents for such an amazing time and all the gifts. Thank you to everyone who sent gifts for Izzy. It means so much to us that you thought of our little girl. We are so blessed to have each and everyone of you in our lives. We hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Blessings to all!

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