Jan 30, 2010


Isabelle had her own bowl of soup for the first time a couple weeks ago. Yummy cheesy broccoli soup! The pictures may look like she wore more than she ate, but boy did she love it!

So messy, but oh so good! :)

Messy Kitchen

Mama's not the only one who went to bed with a messy kitchen last night.

Jan 29, 2010

First trip to the ZOO!

A litttle sleepy on the way to the zoo. Luckily she got a little cat nap in because there was lots of running to be had.
She woke right up once we arrived at the zoo and this was the first thing we saw, right next to our car!

Grandpa and Grandma Weed

The wiggle worm with Daddy and Uncle Joel.

And with us... she was ready to run!

With her new bud, Uncle Joel. :)

And she's off!
We went earlier enough that not many people were at the zoo yet and the rain was still holding off. It made it convenient to just let Izzy run for it rather than being cooped up in her stroller.

Look at those otters!


It was the tiger's lunch time so he didn't want to do anything but sit and wait for his food.


Also cute!

She loved the seals.

These guys were HUGE! Isabelle was standing in the window when he came swimming up to us upside down. She started crying and jumped right into my arms. You can't blame her!


And Dorrie!

Don't think he played a roll in the movie.


First Plane Ride!

Two weekends ago (yes, it's taken me way too long to post these) we took our first flight over the mountains to visit Paul's parents. Unfortunately my camera got packed away overhead before we took off so this is the only picture of Izzy on her first plane ride (taken with my phone). She looks a little unsure in the picture, but she really did great! She loved the snacks and even had juice like a big girl out of a cup with a straw without a lid. As we started to descend down into Seattle I think her ears started to feel a little pressure and she fussed for a couple minutes, but once we hit some turbulence (which she loved!) she started giggling and was happy as could be.

It was a great trip over and flying is definitely the way to go! You can’t beat a 50 minute flight over a 5-6 hour drive! Isabelle loved playing with her uncle Joel, reading books with Grandma, and playing with the dogs with Grandpa. We had a nice relaxing time watching movies, playing Wii (yes, I beat Paul every game of bowling… shhh, don’t let him know I told!), riding the 4-wheeler, and even took Isabelle on her first trip to the zoo. Thanks for such a great weekend, Randy and Cindy! Hope to see you all soon!

Starting to get the smile down, but still has that cute cheese look!
Four-wheeler with Daddy. Our typical serious girl.

Hugs for Annie... over and over again!

Laptop User

Who said daddy's laptop is only for work?
Not this girl! That's right, Daddy showed Isabelle how to watch
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from the laptop.
And I think she's hooked!

Jan 28, 2010

Bubble Bath!

Isabelle had her first bubble bath!
Don't ask me what took me this long to finally give her one... maybe it's the idea that after playing in the bubbles you have to do a whole separate rinse, but really? I mean, every kid should get to experience the fun that comes with some bubbles added to bath time. Plus, what's a few extra minutes of rinsing?
At first Izzy was quite hesitant. Actually, she stood up and asked to get out while she looked at the bubbles in disgust. Too funny! Once I showed her what the bubbles were all about, I couldn't get her out of the tub! And now every night at bath time, guess who's asking for "bubbas"?
This girl!