Feb 10, 2010


Prior to my recent big spurt in blogging, I hadn't blogged in a bit, and it was due to several reasons.

Due to the fact that I have been extremely swamped at work lately and exhausted by the time I get home in the evening.

Also due to the fact that I have been busy giving Miss Isabelle bubble baths every night now that she won't take a bath any other way.

It is also due to the fact that Paul was off at a conference in Vegas for five days... must be nice, huh? ;)

Additionally, it is due to the fact that our house is still for sale, and we put in an offer on a house, which was contingent on ours selling… but they did not accept the contingency. Oh, how we wish ours would sell!!!!

In due time, I will pick up my blogging again and I already have several things I want to share with you.

Finally, the main reason I hadn't been focusing on my blog is that I have been sweetly blessed and am so excited to tell you that I am, well....

DUE with baby number 2!!!

That's right, we are due to have our second little peanut join our family at the end of August! :)


Brenna said...

Tate, congrats!!! Paul that goes to you to haha. I am so happy for you both, you two are amazing people!

halli said...

Congratulations you three!! That is great news!

CLewis said...

Popped in from Courtney's blog to see what was new with you...sounds like a lot!!! Congratulations on number 2, how exciting:) You have a beautiful family.