Mar 9, 2010

18 months!

Isabelle is actually almost 19 months old now, but we couldn't get her into the pediatrician until yesterday for her 18 month well-child checkup. Her appointment went great! She was so brave and did not cry one bit... even during the shot! She is growing perfectly and now weighs 23 lbs. (40%) and is 32 inches long (50%). There's usually some point in the checkup where she gets nervous, cries, and struggles with the doctor (usually the ears and throat), but this time she sat on my lap and let the doctor look in her ears and said "Ahhhh" so the doctor didn't have to shove the popsicle stick thing down her throat to get a look. To our surprise Izzy is at the tail-end of a double ear infection! Poor thing! This explains why she hasn't completely been herself for the past couple of weeks. She was still sleeping fine during the night and was just a little extra clingy and fussy -- nothing to cause concern to take her in for a checkup though. Since the infection is clearing up on its own she doesn't need an antibiotic. Her ears are still plugged so she might be having a hard time hearing us. For being such a brave girl Isabelle got two stickers and she wore them proudly on her coat back to school that afternoon. :)

At 18 months Isabelle...

... can jump off both feet.

... no longer takes a bottle although occasionally asks for one so we have to remind her she's a big girl now. (I have to admit it's probably harder on me than her. I loved our snuggle time during her bottle before bed.)

... can say her full name and it is so darn cute! (I-th-a-bell Na-nett Wee : translate Isabelle Jeanette Weed)

... loves walking on her tippy toes -- she's our little ballerina! I'll have to get either a video or pictures to share because it really is super cute. She tiptoes around the house all the time.

... loves her new baby cousin, Dane. Whenever she sees a picture of a baby she says, "Dane!" and kisses at the picture. She strokes his soft head and kisses him over and over. I know just know she is going to be a great big sister!

... is doing really well with potty training. If we can get her to start telling her teachers she needs to go potty at school, I think she'd be out of diapers in no time! Most weekends she will go all day with only one-two accidents. She's getting close!

... and Dillon are still very best friends. Our families have been trading off being sick lately so we haven't spent as much time together as usual, but when we do get together they both get extremely excited to see each other and love to go off and play alone.

... loves her baby dolls and they have really started to become one of her favorite toys. She wraps them up in her blankie and carries them everywhere while pretending to feed them and pats and rocks them to sleep. Her bath time baby goes everywhere with her (she usually remains in the car while we run into the store and while Izzy is at school).

... still loves to read as much as ever! She knows most of the words to the majority of her books. Her favorite book is her Nursery Rhymes book.

... is a talking machine as you saw in this post.

... is still a great eater and loves a variety of foods.

... loves to color and amazes us at how she holds her crayons and pens correctly most of the time.
... is the sweetest most adorable little girl! -- no bias here or anything... ;) Every night after she's down and we're laying in bed Paul and I sit and talk about how we can't believe how perfect she is. It's hard to believe we were able to create such a precious little girl.

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She's so big now!