Mar 8, 2010

Baby #2 Update

I love being pregnant! I really, truly do! I can’t wait until my belly starts to form and I can feel this little miracle that is growing inside of me wiggle and move… it won’t be long now. I’m 15 weeks already! Isn’t that hard to believe? I tell you, this pregnancy is flying by. I know the end of August is going to be here before we know it. I can’t wait to meet this little peanut, but at the same time I can. I’m not ready quite yet. Our house is still for sale which makes our living situation still unknown at this point and time (will we build, will we buy, will we have a house to move into before the baby???), I do not at all feel organized as of late, and feel like I have so much to do in such a little amount of time! But I can relax knowing it will all work out – it always does. I have to put my trust in the Lord that everything will happen in his timing.

I’ve also been extremely fortunate that this is my second pregnancy with minimal to no morning sickness. I’ve had a few spells here and there where I get the chills and all clammy. Actually, I had one this morning… I was doing my makeup and felt just fine and dandy then all of a sudden it came over me. I started breathing hard and swallowing over and over while sitting on the bed. It finally passed after a few long minutes and I was able to finish getting ready and on my way. I hate that feeling though! I can’t imagine what some women go through with the constant nausea. Might change my mind about how much I love being pregnant.

As for food cravings/aversions, most the time nothing sounds that great to me. I have a hard time deciding what to eat for each meal. I’ve been sticking to a healthier diet than I was at first. For a few weeks there all that sounded good to me was sweets. My body was not happy with me and I know it’s not good for the baby so I’m trying to keep my sweet intake to a minimum. For breakfast I have a yogurt and a Fiber One granola bar; for lunch I eat a Lean Cuisine or salad, a fruit, a vegetable and crackers; and for dinner whatever I feel up to cooking, but honestly nothing sounds good most nights except for my enchiladas so we have those about once a week. Within the last couple of weeks though this healthy eating is not satisfying me. I’m sticking to it, but this baby is telling me it wants a big juicy hamburger and fries with delicious tartar sauce… Steer Inn, watch out! Thank heavens the closest one is Spokane and we don’t have a Zip’s here in Pullman either. Those two have sounded so good to me lately. I honestly feel like I could eat this every day until August and be happy as a peach – a 200 lb. peach mind you! I’m trying to fight off the urge, but truthfully next weekend if I’m up north you know where I’m stopping for dinner! :)

My next checkup is on Wednesday. I’ll let you all know how it goes!


PegramPack said...

Awesome Tate! So when is your actual due date? Izzy and this baby will be nearly exactly 2 years apart--Ethan and Bryce are just shy of 25 months apart and I love it! I am so happy for you.

PegramPack said...
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Abra Ebner said...

Yay, Tatum! You're lucky you don't get sick! Can't wait for another bunko baby!

The Weeds said...

Thanks, girls! Due August 30th... they'll be about 2 years and 2 weeks apart depending on if this one decides to be early or late (let's hope for early!). :)

CLewis said...

Nathan's (my oldest) birthday is on August 29th! That is awesome that you aren't experiencing much morning sickness. I didn't either with any of my pregnancies. Maybe that means a boy:) Hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to go well.