Mar 22, 2010

I rarely like to post without darling little pictures of miss Isabelle or the latest happenings in our life, but decided I'm well over due to give you all a little up date. So here goes...

Isabelle is still sick. We had about a week of her being healthy and then it all started back up again last Monday evening. We picked her up from daycare and noticed she had goopy green eyes. She has had this one other time as an infant so I was not worried - it's just another symptom of a cold, but when she woke up Tuesday morning her eyes were very puffy so it was time to take her into the doctor again. Her ears are not worse, but still not better from the week before and her eyes looked a bit red to the doc so he put her on eye drops. Three drops in each eye, three times a day, for 7-10 days! Three times a day. Are you kidding me? Do you know how difficult and sad it is to put eye drops in a toddler’s eyes? Well, they cleared up within 24 hours and tomorrow is our last day of drops and we survived. I’ve been without a voice for a few days now and can’t wait for all of us to be healthy again.

Baby #2 is doing great! I’ve just recently started to feel little movements here and there and can’t wait for them to get more consistent and stronger. I had a checkup last Tuesday and the heart rate was 136 – much lower than Isabelle’s ever was. We have our second ultrasound April 8th! Paul informed me this morning that it is only 17 days away. We will find out the gender and can hardly wait. Any guesses on gender this time?

Our house is still on the market. We had an offer last week and have been counter offering back and forth. We aren’t too hopeful about this offer, but are okay with it. The house will remain on the market until mid-April and if it doesn’t sell by then we’ll reevaluate the situation. We’re both content either way. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of a new home, but honestly our current one is just fine and I won’t be too heartbroken if we just end up waiting a few more years.

Well, that’s all for now my friends. I promise I’ll make an attempt to download and edit some pictures this week to share. Happy Monday to you all!


PegramPack said...

I am going to guess GIRL! Any names picked out? Can't wait til April 8th!

The Weeds said...

We have our boys name firmed down (Cooper William), but are having a hard time agreeing on a girls name. We've decided we'll wait until we know the sex for sure to start discussing it! :) I can't wait either.