Apr 12, 2010

20 weeks behind us. 20 weeks to go.

Today marks my half-way milestone for pregnancy #2. Twenty weeks. I can’t believe it! I remember feeling like my pregnancy with Isabelle lasted forever. I was never really uncomfortable and always loved being pregnant so I’m not sure what made the wait seem extra long the first go around. Maybe it was the awaited unknown anticipation. My OB doctor summed it up well at my last routine appointment: Your first pregnancy is like a wedding. You plan for months, stressing over every simple detail. You are anxiously awaiting the big event. But actually, it’s once the “big event” is all done and over with that the hard part begins. Now you’re married, now what? Now you’re out of the hospital with this tiny new member of the family, now what?

It seems that we focus so much on anticipating the labor and delivery that we don’t think (or just don’t know to think) of how trying the first six weeks can be. Your hormones are completely out of whack, you are running on little to no sleep, and you’re trying to learn as much as you can about your new little peanut that depends completely on you. With your second, you know what to expect (or at least somewhat). You know the first few weeks will be the toughest. That it only gets easier and easier. It’s refreshing and scary all at the same time! Maybe that’s why this pregnancy is flying by! I know what to expect, but also, I don’t. What is it like to have two children? How will Isabelle react? What will my days (and nights) look like? How will I balance giving all my attention to both?

I feel like with this second pregnancy I’ve just been trying to soak it all in. Making even more of an effort to enjoy every moment with Isabelle because before long she won’t be our only child. It’s also hard to imagine loving another human as much as I love her. Just as I had no idea the kind of love I would have for Isabelle, I cannot comprehend feeling that all over again. It is such an amazing thing! So as these weeks keep flying past us we’re going to embrace it and hold on tight because we know the ride is only beginning!

20 weeks and counting!!!


And yes, I have noticed that this is my forth post (gasp!) without any pictures. Let's just say my camera is a bit backed up with photos that need to be downloaded and edited. I'm hoping to get to that real soon... aka, before baby #2's arrival! ;) Happy Monday friends!!


PegramPack said...

Congratulations, you are officially half-baked! I am so excited and can't wait to meet the new little man. So far EVERYONE I know that is expecting, is expecting a boy. Crazy! Do you have any names picked out? Are you going to go with an "I" name too? Also, when is your due date? Just curious, August 26th would be a great day, hehe.

The Weeds said...

Thanks, Court! It seems like it's the year for boys. I am due August 30th so there is a good chance the 26th could be the day (at least I'm hoping I go early again). We've decided on Cooper William. If we have more than three kids "I" names might be hard to come up with - especially another girl.

CLewis said...

I feel like I was just at the halfway point and now I am 33 weeks...it really does fly by when you have another kid or kids. Congratulations on a boy!! They really are great as me and Courtney can attest to:) Cooper is an adorable name.