Apr 30, 2010

String of Thoughts

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.

Imagine that!

Life has been great and busy.

Busy and great!

We took a mini-vacation last weekend.

Up to Diamond Lake where my parents live.

It was so relaxing and such a blast!

We were not ready to come home.

Today feels like Wednesday since we took a couple days off.

Which is always nice on a Friday!

Paul is done with classes -YAHOO!!!

Izzy is healthy as can be.

My belly is growing as Cooper grows.

Maybe it's time to post a picture?

We're excited that this weekend we'll be home relaxing.

Nothing too exciting is on our schedule.

Just time together, some cleaning, organizing, and a BBQ.

We're moving Isabelle into her big girl bed this weekend.

This should be a fun adventure!

I have a many new pictures to share.

Along with some stories too.

So keep an eye out for some new posts.

They should include much more than just this funny string of sentences!

Oh yes, and Happy Friday friends! :)

1 comment:

PegramPack said...

Ahh! So I take it the baby's name is Cooper? That is an adorable name. Some friends of ours had their third son just 13 days after Isaac (coincidentally their oldest is a month to the day older than Ethan and their middle son is 6 months older than Bryce LOL) and his name is Cooper.