May 8, 2010

First Hair Cut!

Disclaimer: I fibbed! It took me nearly two weeks to come back to the bloggy world! I tell you, things have been busy, busy, busy lately! But now we're back and ready to update you all on our latest happenings. =)

Isabelle has had quite a few "firsts" lately. When we were up north a few weekends ago (remember our mini-vacation I mentioned earlier?), Izzy had her first real hair cut. I've trimmed it a bit here and there over the past year, but it was time to have our gorgeous and sweet cousin, Jessica work her magic at Stylz Salon. Above is a picture of the final product -- a little trimmed off the back, side bangs, and little layers. Not a huge change that is very noticeable, but enough to keep her hair out of her face while still keeping the length.

Izzy fell asleep on our way to Deer Park so she was a bit shy and unsure, but sat on my lap and sat perfectly still.

Pause for a quick kiss for mama.

Next it was my turn! I got a cut and color. I absolutely love it, but of course don't have any pictures yet. So now I need to show my new hair and growing belly! Keep an eye out in the next few upcoming posts.

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