May 11, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 6 months!

It's time for a baby update!

Cooper and I are doing great! See...
Yep, he's living up to his namesake and growing like a WEED! As of late, I've been feeling really well. My lower back and hips have been bothering me a bit, but nothing too horrible. I'm at that perfect stage -- noticeably pregnant, but not huge; my energy level is back up; I'm still sleeping well (with an occasional potty break or two); and my feet are not swollen... yet anyways!

Cooper is a mover! I first felt him move a little before 16 weeks, but it wasn't just the little fluttery feeling you typically get. This was full on little kicks! I told my sister-in-law that I thought I was feeling him, but wasn't sure because they felt too strong for how early it was. Well, sure enough his kickin' and movin' has just gotten stronger. I started noticing last week that I can see my belly move now when he moves around. Soon enough my belly will be tight as can be and we'll see little elbows and feet slide across my tummy!

This pregnancy is flying by! I cannot believe we will be meeting our son in 16 weeks or less. My next appointment is scheduled for tomorrow. I'll be sure to update you all if there's anything worth updating on. For now I'm off to eat a banana and work away while little Coop keeps on growing and moving!

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CLewis said...

You look great Tatum:) Pregnancy suits you! I really love the name Cooper. Glad all is going so well, I agree that middle part of pregnancy is the best.