May 28, 2010

Trevor's Graduation Party!

My younger brother, Trevor, graduated from WSU at the beginning of the month. To celebrate his accomplishments friends and family gathered at my parents' place last Saturday. I don't know a more deserving and harder worker than Trevor. He spent way too many all-nighters in the studio, worked two jobs while finishing his degree, and has the drive and passion like no one I know. Congratulations Trev! We all know you will do great things with your Landscape Architecture degree!
Great food and good times were shared with all. It's been quite some time since we've all been together as an extended family. Of course a few were missing as it is a busy time of year for everyone, but there was still a great turnout. So what does that mean for me? You guessed it... pictures!
My mom, Aunt Kristi, Grandma, and Aunt Vicky.
Such beautiful women inside and out!

This was the first time all the great grandkids on my mom's side had been together at once so a photo was a must!

Take one.
Take two.
Take three... I think that'll have to do it!And they're off!
Now onto a family photo.

Marching with Gigi! :)
Deep in conversation with Papa.
We tried so hard to keep the kids out of the dirt pile, but finally just had to give in.

And this face says it all... Nothing beats hours of playing in the dirt!
Cute sleepy kiddos up way past their bedtimes.
And here's a couple of Uncle Ty giving Dane motorcycle rides the
next morning just because he's that darn cute... Dane that is! ;)

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