Jun 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Warning! This post is extremely long! But there were too many good pictures to choose from. :)

Remember our memorable Memorial Day weekend from last year? Well, this year we decided to opt out of camping just in case we had a repeat from last year and traveled to McCall, ID to stay at Erin Carroll's parents' cabin (two bathrooms with running water just in case).

The Tuesday before leaving I ended up getting the flu. Ugh! I could not believe this was happening again right before the three-day weekend. I was crossing my fingers that Paul and Isabelle would stay healthy and I would recover in time for the trip out of town, and that is exactly what happened. I was feeling much better by Wednesday evening and by the time we left Friday the rest of the family was still healthy. Dillon unfortunately ended up getting sick Saturday morning, but he rested up all day Saturday and was ready to go on Sunday. After hand wash after hand wash and keeping our distance, everyone else stayed clear of the bug and we had a great, relaxing weekend! We were all so glad we didn't have another case of the "plaque"!

Saturday morning we were greeted by Obi, the neighbor's golden retriever. Isabelle was so excited! Each following morning she woke up asking for Obi.
Saturday evening Dillon started to feel better and told Izzy, "Izzy, I feel much better so I can get really close to you again."

Sunday we woke up to beautiful weather and after a delicious breakfast of homemade ebelskiver and fresh fruit we headed out on a hike in Ponderosa State Park. The kiddos walked a mile of the hike, but ended up needed shoulder rides for the last mile and a half.
Of course, Izzy found some flowers and held onto them the entire hike. :)

Dane was a little trooper and enjoyed the hike too.

Erin, Dillon, Tim and Dane
Ty and Erin
And our family.
We saw some gorgeous sites.

Lily Marsh
Payette Lake

Then we went out to lunch and took the sleepy kids home to rest. Isabelle and Dillon were content watching Barney over and over this weekend. Here they are after the long hike.

Dane Boy, as Izzy calls him. :)
So happy!
Our three little babies.
Sunday evening was dry so it was time to build a fire and make some S'mores.
(My camera died right as the S'mores were made so no pictures of the gooy mess.)
Izzy watched as the fire was started.
And then it turned into a drumming session with the kindling.
Look at that face! Ha!

All in all, we had a great weekend getaway! We ate some delicious home cooked meals, played games, watched movies, played outside, and enjoyed each other's company. McCall is a gorgeous little town and we can't wait to go back!

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