Jun 4, 2010


Paul's off to Arizona for six days for a conference (and I'm sure he'll squeeze some golfing in too). This morning Isabelle and I woke up extra early to see him off at the lovely (by lovely I mean tiny) Pullman Airport. We arrived 20 minutes prior to his departure time which had me in a panic. Even though I know it only takes a couple minutes to check-in, check your bags, and make it through security, I still like to be early for my flights. Like an hour early, but that's just me. Needless to say, he had plenty of time and is now on his way to much warmer weather than we have been having (99 today and 104 on Saturday in Tucson).

Speaking of weather. What is up with this rain?! We had such a mild and dry winter and now are just getting poured on! Which I guess is a good thing considering come August we're going to need any little bit of extra moisture we can get. Plus, this postpones watering our lawn that much longer and I'm loving how green everything is around here on the Palouse! Also, I know it will be HOT soon enough and then we'll all be complaining about that... or at least maybe I will because I'll be huge with swollen flintstone feet and ankles by that point.

Have I mentioned that Tums have been my best friend lately? I don't know what the deal is, but heart burn has been a regular occurrence the past few weeks. I remember occasionally, more so towards the end of my pregnancy with Isabelle, having heartburn, but nothing like this. I swear a glass of water can cause things to act up. Nothing a couple pink and green chalky tablets can't cure though. Sigh. This too shall pass. :)

I can't wait for our house to come off the market. We've come to the conclusion it won't sell this time and we are completely okay with that. We said from the beginning that we would just see what happens and if it's meant to be it will work out. If it didn't sell we would wait a few years and reassess things. I'm sure if we kept it on the market through the summer it would sell, but with Cooper's arrival just around the corner that would be crazy of us! I am so ready to be done with having our house "show ready" all the time. So come July 1st we'll be done with that for a while... of course something could happen in the next few weeks, but who knows. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend... rain or shine! :)

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PegramPack said...

Sorry to hear about the heartburn...I think it's a boy thing, hehe. I had TERRIBLE heartburn all through my pregnancy with Ethan, even toast, milk, water would flare it up! I can't believe Coop will be here in just a matter of weeks!