Jun 19, 2010


Meet "Sharmer".

This is Isabelle's little farmer from her Little People farm set. She loves this little country bumpkin and calls her, "Sharmer." We're not sure why as she has no problems making the "f" sound, but it is oh so cute! For a few months Sharmer would go everywhere with Izzy - to bed, in the bath, in the car, to Dillon's, to the store... you get the idea. Each morning we would have to explain that she needed to leave Sharmer in the car because she could loose her at school. She was never happy about it, and some mornings even ended in tears when the two had to be separated.

Izzy still loves Sharmer and gets very excited when she finds her after days of her missing, but her obsession is starting to fade. We can actually leave the house without having to search high and low for Sharmer so she can join us on our outings. Before this phase is completely over and Isabelle starts saying farmer properly or decides to move onto another toy, I wanted to give you all a glimpse of the life as Sharmer. As I started going through pictures I couldn't believe how many Sharmer pops up in. Although, I shouldn't be surprised.

Sleeping with Sharmer.

First real hair cut with Sharmer.
(See her in the background watching?)

Bathing with Sharmer.

Playtime with Sharmer.

Riding in the car with Sharmer.

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