Jun 27, 2010

Singing for the Camera!

Isabelle loves to dance and sing! She climbs up on the coffee table and puts on little performances for us quite frequently. Unfortunately, whenever we get the camera out to capture these performances she gets a little camera shy. She's not quite the performer that her cousin Dillon is, but she likes to put on her little acts for smaller groups. :) Since she moved into her new classroom she has been singing many new songs to us. I was able to bribe her into catch her performing a few of her favorite songs last night on camera. After these three songs she was done being filmed... who can blame her, though?!

Did you notice how after each song she went to hide under the blanket? Maybe a little stage fright?! :)


Joanne said...

So cute Tate! She is so smart. :)

Jackie said...

She is so precious. Don't you just love it when they sing?