Jul 27, 2010

2nd Birthday Party Plans

Birthday party plans are in the works! Can you believe it? I sure can't! It absolutely blows my mind that Isabelle will be two in less than three weeks. I must admit, this year I've been a little more laid back and quite honestly slacking on the birthday party planning. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant, but who knows! ;) But I still want to make this a special day because as you all know from last year, I believe birthdays should be extra special. This year the party won't be anything too extravagant, but we'll still make it a day to celebrate Isabelle!

We've decided to make things simple and fun that we'll have the party up at my parents' place since they live on the lake. For one thing it is going to be HOT and what's more fun in the summer than spending the day at the lake? We're keeping the guest list small (mainly just family with a few close friends) and will most likely just lounge by the lake all day, BBQ, open presents and eat cake. To spice things up a bit we'll have some balloons and streamers, a pinata, and lots of yummy food and treats. Oh yes, and the birthday girl will be looking extra festive herself! The "theme" is purple and pink... yes, very girly! I snapped some pictures of Izzy in her birthday tutu for her invitations. Take a look at these... can you say Ahh-dorable?! =)

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CLewis said...

LOVE the tutu!! What a cutie:) We love doing the family BBQ type thing for our boys birthdays too. My parents sent up a pinata from Mexico for Nathan's birthday last year and he thought it was just great. Can't wait to see pictures of the party!