Jul 5, 2010

32 Weeks!

Today I am feeling anxious, excited, nervous, happy, and a touch of sadness… just to name a few emotions. For some reason today it has hit me that we will meet our little boy in about two months (give or take a few days) and I’ve felt the emotions creeping in. Well, maybe it hit me because I am 32 weeks pregnant now... can you believe I am already 32 weeks?! This is very exciting and honestly, I cannot wait to hold that little peanut in my arms. I know my life will be forever changed once I meet him. I do not even know what to expect. You would think I would since this is my second time around, but honestly I am clueless. I am clueless just as I was before I had Isabelle. I had no idea the kind of love I would feel for her until she was here. There’s no preparing for these emotions and feelings, and now this time I will have a son, a SON! :)

I am anxious to meet my little man and can’t wait to see what it feels like to be a mama to a boy and a girl. I am so looking forward to those last few weeks/days when labor could strike up at any moment. Where, each night I anxiously await the contractions to start. I am so excited for this labor and delivery! I really just feel extremely calm about it all this time around and can't wait.

I do feel some sadness and nerves that Isabelle will no longer be our one and only. She is the center of our lives and the one who made me a mama. She is doted on constantly and gets our complete attention. I love her more than words and hope she adjusts well to life as a big sister (which I know she will). I don’t want her to feel left out or that mama has a new baby to replace her. I want her to always remember and to feel that she is my little girl, my one and only!

I know we will adjust and we will feel complete. We won’t be able to comprehend how we lived without both in our lives, but until the time comes I truly cannot grasp what life will be like. A new born and a toddler – two little ones to love on… oh how I cannot wait!


CLewis said...

Let me tell you, I think you get that feeling no matter how many times you go through it. Even on number 3 I started to get that feeling in the end...excitement, anticipation, wonder of what it will be like with 3 instead of 2. Nathan was 13 months old when Jordan was born so we had never had to deal with explaining a baby before. I remember being pregnant with my second and wondering how I could love 2 when my love for one was so great...let me tell you it is amazing how your heart expands. Excited for you and your growing family, can't wait to see the announcement of Cooper's arrival:)

Tatum said...

Thanks, Chrystal! It's amazing how fast this pregnancy has been going. I can't believe I'm already in the homestretch! How is everything going for you with your three little ones? :)