Jul 15, 2010


I love looking back on previous blog posts; especially those from the very beginning. Yesterday I was looking back with Isabelle as she has really enjoyed seeing herself on the blog lately. If I'm on the laptop she'll ask, "See pictures?" and as we go through post after post she'll tell me who she sees and I'll read the stories to her as she sits on my quickly shrinking lap.

I know she would just love reading her baby book and I want to have that special memento to pass onto her. BUT, I have a confession. I have not even started her baby scrapbook! I had such high hopes and thought I would have had it done by her first birthday. Well, here we are just a little over three weeks before her second birthday and still not a single page completed. So here's my goal, (I'm posting it on here in hopes of keeping myself on track) I want to have her book completed in the next month or so... maybe by her 2nd birthday. I'll post some updates (maybe with some pictures to share) and will hopefully be done with her book just in time to start Coopers! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! :)

And since we're reminiscing... how precious is this sweet little three day old face?

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