Aug 2, 2010

36 weeks!

Today marks week 36! I'm still feeling great (okay, maybe not great, but pretty darn good). My back is a little sore and it's hard to tell where my ankles end and feet begin, but I know this will all pass very soon. I actually woke up yesterday and today with little to no swelling in my feet and ankles. I was beyond excited! The swelling isn't all that uncomfortable, but just looks awful.

This weekend we worked on Coopers room... which quickly turned into a total reorganizing frenzy. Paul moved all his hunting, hiking and fishing gear out of the office/man cave (now, office/Cooper's room) and into the hall coat closet and garage. We then cleaned out the said closet, Isabelle's closet, got Coopers tiny clothes put away, and I started on the bathroom drawers (random, I know!). Let's just say we were well over due for some organizing and now that we have accomplished more than I had hoped for, I am feeling much, much better about things. I was definitely stressing out just a little. It feels great to know Cooper will have a proper room to come home to.

Speaking of coming home, I had a regular doctor appointment this morning and learned that I am one centimeter dilated and starting to thin! WHOO HOO! This means Cooper should definitely be here on time... if not early! I can't wait to meet this little guy and am so excited for labor to start. I am just so excited to go through this amazing process again (and it helps that I'm ready to have a somewhat normal body back).

And to finish this post off, I've included some pictures from last weekend (35 weeks pregnant) from a photo shoot up at my parents' place with the very sweet and talented Courtney Pegram. She just started her photography business, Small Beginnings Photography, and I was lucky enough to model for some maternity pictures for her. I'm excited to continue capturing our family's memories with Courtney!

Isabelle had just gotten off the boat with the rest of the family. We were glad to get her in a few shots.

~All photograph rights reserved to Small Beginnings Photography~

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CLewis said...

Love the pics Tatum, so cool that you have those. Courtney did a great job:) 36 weeks...he will be here before you know it!