Aug 12, 2010

Birthday Girl... 2 years old!

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet baby girl! In many ways it feels like just yesterday the doctor was handing your tiny slippery little body to your daddy and me, and then in many other ways it seems like you have been in our lives forever. It's hard to believe you are already two and in just a few short days or weeks will become a big sister. Your sweet, spunky, tender, shy, and loving personality just melts our hearts! Being greeted by your tight squeezes around the neck, sweet kisses, and hearing you say, "I love you SO much!" has made parenthood even better than we ever could have dreamed. As you continue to grow into a little girl rather than a baby, we can't soak you up fast enough. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow into a beautiful little girl and hope you always know just how much we love you and you mean to us. You will always be our "most favorite girl"!

Taken 8/12/10 at school. Showing off how old you are now. =)

Isabelle updates:

  • Favorite food(s) - Mandarin oranges, grapes, cheese quesadillas, chicken nuggets, rice and avocados.
  • Favorite color - Purple
  • Favorite book - Daddy Kisses
  • Favorite toy - "Pinky Pinky" her pony purse (first stuffed animal or doll she has named other than Baby)
  • Favorite song - Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light
  • Friends at school - Sydney and Faith
  • Completely potty trained during the day (even during naps!). We hope to have her night potty trained soon.
  • Loves sleeping in her big girl bed
  • Hides and cuddles with daddy each morning in our bed before getting dressed (not sure who loves it more, her or her daddy).
  • Loves her babies; swaddles them; gives them bottles and pacifiers; and rocks and bounces them (definitely ready to be a big sis).
  • Sways back and forth from being a mommy's girl to a daddy's girl, but ultimately loves being outside with daddy.

*Her 2 year check-up is this afternoon. I'll share her stats after that. And yes, I'm a horrible mommy for scheduling a doctor's appointment on her birthday! Hopefully the shots go okay!

UPDATE: Isabelle is in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. 34 1/4" tall and 27 lbs.! She's a growing girl. This time around she got to stand on the big scale and up against the wall to get measured. She also had her blood pressure taken for the first time and did amazing! She did not shed a single tear for her shot and was very excited for her stickers at the end! The doctor was quite impressed with her vocabulary, counting, and ABC's. :)

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