Aug 12, 2010

Isabelle's 2nd Birthday Party!

The birthday girl ready for her party!


Our family, celebrating our girl!

Just love how she is looking at her daddy in this one!

Gorgeous picture of Grandma and Gigi!

Silly birthday girl enjoying some tomato.
Dane was wore out before the party even began. :)
Some of the kiddos chowin' down.

Some more of the gang.

The Grill Master!

Brock and Avery enjoying some sun and food.

Izzy borrowed Brock's sunglasses while he wore his mamma's (see previous picture). :)

Present time!

Lots of pretties!

A quick hop on the four wheeler.

And on the Sit and Spin (remember those!)

Hey Daney Boy!

Trying to keep the candle lit.
(Two yummy ice cream cakes compliments of, yours truly... they were delicious!)
Come on, stay lit...
And then my camera died! So we missed snapping a picture of Isabelle blowing the candle out. Why can't I learn my lesson? Charge. Batteries. Before. Special. Events! Oh well, right?! :)
We had a wonderful party! It was relaxed, perfect weather, delicious food, and shared with some of our favorite people. Thanks to everyone for making Isabelle's 2nd birthday party so special!

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CLewis said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Isabelle!! Looks like everyone had a great time. I have to say I am also totally guilty of forgetting the batteries in the has died many a times right in the middle of important events. Oh well, that's what our memories are for, right?