Oct 16, 2010

2010 Hunting Season

Today was opening day for rifle deer hunting. I make that distinction because it has been hunting season for Paul for over a month now (bow, mussel loader, and now rifle). :)

This morning he was up bright and early at 4:45 and by 7:00 had his buck. While he was out in the field getting ready to bring the deer home we got dressed in our finest outfits... camo gear that is! Paul had the camera with him so I snapped a few pictures of our camo cuties with my phone.

Excitedly waiting for daddy to get home with his buck!

"I know I'm cute!"

Someone was excited for opening day too!
(Side note: Cooper is smiling all the time now! He gives these big open mouth grins that just melt your heart, I tell ya!)

And here's this year's buck.

While Paul was home loading the four-wheeler, Tim was sitting by Paul's deer waiting when a coyote came running up. He was going to shoot it, but it ran into the brush. Right then this buck stopped just 40 yards away.

A little unsure, but being brave.

Best buddies!

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